Accounting and Payroll

Accounting and Payroll

Employee and Payroll Management

  • Manage all employee data including job categories, time sheets, payroll data, and unlimited notes.
  • Track earnings, withholdings, time disbursement, and multiple rate categories for all your employees.
  • Calculate and print payroll checks with year-to-date voucher data.
  • Print payroll journals, tax liability reports, 940 and 941 forms, W-2 and W-3 forms.
  • Print certified payroll reports. (not available in Wintac Green)
  • Define your own custom deductions to track 401(k), insurance contributions, union dues, etc.
  • Track employee productivity and profitability, as well as reimbursements for tools and other expenses.
  • Automatically generate employee commissions based on user-defined criteria such as job sales or job profit.
  • Built-in support for direct deposit to employee bank accounts and electronic filing of employee W-2 forms.
  • Post time/labor to jobs from employee payroll, or to employee payroll from jobs.
  • Note that Wintac currently supports withholding calculations based on U.S. payroll only.
  • Unlike most service management software, Wintac includes payroll processing and employee management!

Accounting and Payroll

Financial Reporting and Graphing

  • Prepare general ledger reports, income statements, balance sheets, trial balance, and cash flow forecasts.
  • Generate comparative and departmentalized Profit and loss reports.
  • View and print any report, as well as output to standard PDF format.
  • Analyze sales, expenses, and profits graphically with pie charts and line/bar graphs.
  • Track company data by division and department, and optionally close periods.
  • Sort, group, and filter your financial data with Wintac's state-of-the-art report builder.
  • Use the built-in AccountantÂ’s Export to compile financial data in a QuickBooks®-compatible format.
  • Unlike most service management software, Wintac includes full accounting and financial reporting!

Purchasing, Bill-paying, and Accounts Payable

  • Automatically generate vendor purchase orders based on minimum and optimal stock levels
  • Automatically generate vendor purchase orders based on vehicle usage. (not available in Wintac Green)
  • Automatically generate multiple vendor purchase orders for job fulfillment.
  • Full-featured accounts payable tracking with 30-60-90 day invoice aging payment history.
  • Schedule and make automatic payments on recurring bills.
  • Make a single payment covering multiple invoices from a vendor.
  • Make partial payments on vendor invoices and track early payment discounts.
  • Visual check writing with instant lookup of unlimited vendors and payables due.
  • Print tax information to IRS 1099 Misc. Forms.
  • Manage unlimited bank accounts with detailed activity reporting and automated bank reconciliation.
  • Instantly transfer funds between bank accounts.
  • Automatically generate and print bank deposit slips.
  • Track the details of all credit card expenses.
  • Download credit card transactions from most American Express, Visa, and MasterCard merchant services.
  • Wintac gives you the power to completely automate the bill-paying and banking process!

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