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Wintac 2018 Release

Wintac 2018 is here!

Wintac 2018 feature enhancements include: improved speed performance with reports, greater insights into your gross profit margins and business metrics, enhanced ease of use in the Customer Job Manager, and the added ability to mark customers as Inactive, so you can better manage and track your relationship with them.

GlobalView Dashboards

Dashboard and reporting

Six GlobalView Reports come standard in Wintac 2018.

  • High-level reports on your most critical business metrics are now available on the Wintac home screen, and the customer and WIP screens
  • Easily view revenue generated this year by job type along with the profitability of each type of job
  • Get real-time updates on today’s invoiced revenue from completed jobs
  • Quickly and effortlessly identify your most efficient and profitable technician(s)
  • Gain additional insights into your customers in no time at all
  • And more!

In addition to these enhancements, the 2018 version of Wintac comes with access to new and exciting add-ons! Learn more about the 2018 add-ons below.

GlobalOne Fleet GPS


Davisware’s fleet management solution is now available for Wintac! GlobalOne Fleet (GOF) will allow you to:

  • Directly send customer address and job information to the tech’s GPS in the truck
  • View your trucks, vendors, jobs, and employee home locations on a map
  • Dispatch, in real-time, the closest technician to a job
  • Quickly see call information including status, job site information and work description
  • Send messages to your techs GPS unit and receive messages back
  • Run various reports on idle time, stop time, speeding, mileage and more!

GlobalView Premium Dashboards & Enhanced Reporting

Dashboard and reporting

GlobalView Premium takes business reporting to the next level. GlobalView Premium Dashboards will allow you to:

  • Access and drill down into 6 additional reports
  • Edit, customize, delete, and add new dashboards per user
  • View and drill down into critical business metrics such as your profitability on jobs, revenue by job type, and your profit margins per technician
  • Gain additional insight into your business to help you maximize your profits and cut your losses
  • Get real-time updates on your business in a single snapshot
  • Leverage this data to develop a better business plan and expand your business

RemoteField Service (RFS)

Remote Feild Service

The RemoteField Service App will allow you to:

  • Replace your Wintac Web Portal with an App, ready for use on any device, from anywhere, at anytime
  • Work offline without interruptions or delay
  • Set permissions and limit access to specific information per technician
  • View service history and specifics of equipment installed at scheduled jobsites
  • Access and update materials, parts, labor and other charges on a work order
  • Email invoices to customers, collect payment and capture signatures in the field with OpenEdge