2016 Release: The Most Important Wintac Upgrade in 27 years

2016 Release: The Most Important Wintac Upgrade in 27 years

SQL server

Our Most Important Upgrade in 27 Years:
Wintac is now on an SQL Database

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Customer Benefits of Wintac Being on an SQL Server Database 

Improved Performance: Technology supported by SQL server allows us to provide our customers with improved processing speeds throughout the Wintac program. You may notice the biggest improvements in the Job Control Center and when creating Wintac reports.

Greater Stability: With a SQL database, data is stored and accessed via a server over a network; making data storage and integrity more secure, reliable and stable. Therefore, running Housekeeping will no longer be necessary to repair Wintac Data.

Ability to Scale: Our new SQL Server backend will allow your company to grow with Wintac. You will no longer be limited to 20 simultaneous office users or 40 technicians in the field using the Wintac Web Portal.


About SQL

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database server, it is a software product where the primary function of storing and retrieving data is requested by other software applications, which may run either on the same computer or on another computer across a network (including the Internet).


Benefits of having a SQL Server: SQL Server is a robust, reliable, scalable data management subsystem. It was designed to perform very large database tasks on large data sets, and to support a very large number of end users. It runs best on a Windows Server Operating System, but can also run on a Windows desktop operating system. It is flexible and works best with Microsoft (MS) Access forms through "linked tables". SQL Server strengths eliminate much of the instability of MS Access with larger databases and numbers of users. With Wintac software now on an SQL platform, our customers will see faster processing speeds and enhanced performance, especially in the Jobs Control Center and with Reporting. Users will also no longer be required to log out of the program or perform "Housekeeping" for repair data.


Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a SQL Server?

When purchasing or upgrading to Wintac 2016, no additional purchase is necessary. Wintac 2016 will ship with Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014, which will contain everything you need. 

Do I need a computer designated as a server?

No, Wintac does not require a computer designated as a server. Please note that performance will be further enhanced with a dedicated computer running a Windows Server Operating System and SQL Server Express 2014 as the server operating system helps manage the database connections better than the desktop Windows operating system by itself. For this reason, we recommend having a computer designated as a server for larger service businesses.

Will my data convert?

Yes. Data will convert automatically for users with Wintac Desktop 2009 to Wintac 2015. Older versions of Wintac purchased prior to 2009, may need to be converted by Wintac support. This will be a complimentary service to you at no additional charge. 

How is SQL installed?

When you receive your Wintac 2016 installation disk, you will also receive a disk for installing SQL. (Please note that a DVD drive is required.)  When inserted into your computers DVD drive, the SQL installation disk will prompt you follow the necessary steps to complete the installation.

[Please keep in mind that the client (the Access forms) will usually be installed on a different computer from the server (SQL Server 2014 Express database).]

What are the System Requirements? 

Please click here to see the system requirements for SQL.

What is the Price increase going to be in 2016?

The cost to upgrade in 2016 will be increased between 10 - 20% to reflect the investment made in the new SQL database.



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